Another trial toot on the harp after a long night of crafting.. 

From a show at Highway 99 Blues Club in Seattle.. One of the best blues clubs on the west coast!!

   As the years went on, the progress was definitely noticeable, this is in between the Flat Lap process.. "Side Note", Which if I didn't get the opportunity in the years previous, to volunteer at 5th Element Rock Shop, I might not have had the encouragement to play with this project" just thought of that.. Anyways those skills helped me tons with this project.

This is another part of the Flat Lap process. I eye ball a lot of the stuff but here I used a set of reed plates to help guide some of my lines so I don't go to far over . Ya work with what you've got sometimes, in years to come hopefully will have more professional tools.

Some reason this is one of my favorite pics!! The Harps are in between stages but had to arrange them for a quick little photo

Even tho I try my best with all of them, they might never be totally perfect.. That is one thing that a lot of people have to understand.. A lot of times I look at the entire project, and am just happy that it has come this far..


   This was actually my first Harmonica that was completed out of glass " Yes the reeds were out of a hohner:) but everything else is glass, except a few screws as well lol".. but everything else besides those were out of glass.. Was pretty stoked that day I can remember the excitement!! This is where it all started tho.. .

This is one example where  I can see an imperfection, when drilling the holes.. but as was saying earlier, there are going to be some things that some would classify as a "mistake"  For me, it's just the way it came it out.. Art is rarely perfect, that is the beauty of it as well, shows it was hand made..

For Real when was saying I don't have a lot of fancy tools lol, wasn't kiddin.. This is me drilling holes in my kitchen sink here in Chicago.. eh ya gotta do what ya gotta do to make your art project/vision most of the time:)

This is my favorite video of someone playing the Stengel Glass Harmonica!! Hank can shred it on the harp. Here is a link to his Website for tour dates, music lessons and contact info

A video where you can hear that the harmonica actually plays.. But to be honest if you only have time for one video, I would skip this one ha, and go to a few down the row where Hank Shreve is playing one at The Birk, in Oregon.. It sounds Awesome when he's jammin on it.. just my opinion